Haiku Adventure


Haiku Adventure is a magical realist adventure game which allows players to inhabit intricately composed landscapes that celebrate Japanese woodblock traditions, and explore the transformative tricks of perception contained within the formal constraints of haiku poetry. Exploring an immersive world and discovering lines of poetry will allow players to compose three line haiku which re-imagine and transform the world around them.

The game concept is inspired by an appreciation for the craft of ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints and their depiction of the environment and natural phenomena. The game will bring this beautiful medium alive, allowing players to explore the depth of the printed composition.

The use of haiku – often characterised by a strict syllable structure and metaphorical imagery which transforms the reader’s perception of a moment – offers a perfect format for both creating puzzles and delivering narrative. The game expands upon these re-interpretations and re-imaginings of the natural environment, making manifest the shift in perspective offered by these art forms.

We will be drawing on our love of point-and-click adventure games from Monkey Island and Grim Fandango to Machinarium and Botanicula.




Small Island Games was established in December 2017 by Ceri Williams and James Morgan and is named in honour of the small islands of their childhoods: Ynys Môn and Jersey. Our training as architectural designers feeds our passion to create crafted games with unique environments which offer inventive and enjoyable game experiences.

Ceri Williams Co-Creator and Art Production Lead
An architect and university design tutor he was the co-author and illustrator of Morphopolis which was awarded the Association of Illustrators New Talent Design prize in 2013.

James Morgan Co-Creator and Technical Lead
Trained in architecture he has worked on humanitarian relief projects around the world in addition working on VR experience projects in the charity sector.

To complete Haiku Adventure we are working with a small team of talented friends, including:

Amy Butt Writer
Amy will be writing the haiku poetry and supporting dialogue. Amy is an architect and independent researcher into the architecture of science fiction literature and film. amyvictoriabutt.com

Louise Duggan Composer
Louise will be integrating a musical soundscape into the game. An award winning percussionist and composer this will be Louise’s first computer game soundtrack. laduggan.com