The poetic story of an old soul’s journey across rich and varied landscapes, as they quest to stop a volcano that would destroy the natural environment they have come to hold so dear. 

Haiku Adventure is an original adventure puzzle game with a distinctive visual style and magical realist narrative. The game is being crafted in celebration of the traditions of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and haiku poetry.

The game is in development for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile release in summer 2019 and will feature original content including:

  • Distinctive handcrafted environmental art and character animation

  • A unique puzzle mechanic derived from the structural form of haiku poetry

  • A philosophical narrative that questions the place of civilisation in nature

  • An original music and soundscape composition

  • Engaging dialogue offering choice and self reflection

  • The opportunity to build a collection of ‘prints’ showcasing your journey through the game


 Screenshots showing early concept art featured in the demo:

“It’s a beautifully crafted experience ... about slowing down and admiring the small details of life and nature.”

Rachel Watts PC Gamer

“... the magic of metaphor ... striking art style.”

GamesMaster Magazine

leftfield offical selection.jpg
big indie pitch top 20.jpg

 “The result may be one of 2019’s more breathtaking specimens of both visual art and writing”.

Edge Magazine

“…beautifully illustrated landscapes…”

Maggie Wall Big Boss Battle