Creating Through Research

190118 Haiku Adventure Research Table.png

“Creativity requires input, and that's what research is. You're gathering material with which to build.”

– Gene Luen Yang

We love this quote as it both describes our process of developing Haiku Adventure and touches on a key element of the creative gameplay experience we’re aiming to create!

Research has been a key part of development since the start and has entirely shaped the direction and content of the game. When we started discussing the project we had some thoughts about the themes we wanted to explore, however narrative details, gameplay mechanics, visuals and characters were all just vague ideas without real substance or connection.

The materials to build the game have come through reading, playing, watching, visiting, experimenting and observing. Each bit of research has led onto something new and looped back to improve directions we had already taken. We’ve started to learn that it’s the connections made between the materials where the creativity lies.

We’ve recently started an Instagram ‘Research Gallery’ to share all the references that feed into Haiku Adventure. As development continues we’ll use this blog to expand a little on these inspiring references and give some insight into how they’re helping inform the game.