Our arrival at the William Morris Gallery was met with warm welcome by the curatorial team. We were there to organise our upcoming exhibition of course but it was difficult not to feel a sense of adventure as we descended through the storied building and were then led into the store room of treasures that Indiana Jones himself would have gazed upon in glee. Gorgeously detailed oil paintings breathing life into forgotten moments of history, stacks of finely upholstered antique furniture catalogued with academic precision and of course mountains of William Morris’s signature print designs spread across canvases, prints and woodblocks.

Our gracious hosts proceeded to withdraw the Ukiyo-e prints one by one treating us to the humbling opportunity of inspecting each print with a fine tooth comb (metaphorically speaking of course) and discussing what our selection might be. And a fine collection it certainly was, allowing us some incredible pieces to choose from for the eventual exhibition. In hushed voices, as if being eavesdropped upon by the Kami spirits of these hallowed halls we shared our thoughts with each other and confirmed our choices.

It has been a privilege to be collaborating with the William Morris Gallery not to mention being allowed access to their collection – It’s not everyday you get to journey into the vaults of such an esteemed cultural institution. Even more unusual when you get to do it as part of your day job! Our thanks to the staff at the William Morris Gallery who put on such an incredible programme of events all year round. And to you, dear reader, please be invited to come along to our exhibition Haiku Adventure: The Craft of Games next year. We look forward to seeing you there!