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We at Small Island Games are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the William Morris Gallery in London to put on a new exhibition: Haiku Adventure: The Craft of Games. The display will explore craft by juxtaposing Haiku Adventure and its development against examples of the Japanese woodblock prints and the processes of their craft that have inspired the game.

“This is a great opportunity to explore the skill, creativity and ingenuity that goes into contemporary videogame design - an area we've been keen to explore for some time. We hope gamers will be inspired by the traditional craft forms on display, and that Morris enthusiasts will look at videogames in a completely new way.”

James Gray

William Morris Gallery

Early on in development we visited the William Morris Gallery for our research. Their fantastic collection of Japanese prints helped galvanise our belief that this art form and the ideas it raises about framing nature would be a great fit for the game we wanted to make. Which is why we want to imbue Haiku Adventure and this exhibition with as much of the spirit of Ukiyo-e and woodblock printing as we can and hopefully in doing so allow people a new way to explore this craft.

The exhibition Haiku Adventure: The Craft of Games will be open to the public from February next year for a three month period. Exciting times are ahead and we hope keep publishing updates and announcements about this collaboration as things progress.